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Volo Sports was born out of a new deep love for the sport of pickle. We experienced firsthand the joy and excitement that pickleball brings.  All within the last year! Our favorite part being its unique blend of strategy, skill, excitement, and camaraderie all while trying to get to 11!  As we immersed ourselves in the game, we realized that the paddle... is not just... the paddle; it is an extension of the player's personality and style. We became determined to create a paddle that would not only enhance performance but also inspire confidence and elevate the overall player's experience with style.

Driven by this vision, we set out to craft paddles that embody the perfect balance of form and function. Having everything approved and certified through the USAPA for all tournament, super serious play. An achievement of excellence in our eyes (YES we're approved!, we're on the nice list). Each Volo Sports pickleball paddle is designed and engineered to meet the demands of the modern pickleball player.

At Volo Sports Pickleball, we believe that beauty lies in the details. Every curve, every line, and every texture is carefully considered to create a paddle that not only performs flawlessly, but also exudes good taste and a sophistication. 

Volo Sports Pickleball is more than just a company; we are a team of passionate players who are committed to advancing the sport we love. We are constantly seeking feedback from players of all levels to refine and improve our paddles. We believe that collaboration and shared experiences are vital to fostering growth and innovation within the pickleball community.



Volo Sports is a brand with a passion for pickleball and design. We are thrilled to dive right in! As passionate players and enthusiasts ourselves, we have witnessed the tremendous growth and undeniable buzz around this fantastic sport; with almost 35 million people that have played at least once. We're here for you! Our 2401 series paddle is geared for the beginner with our pro series coming soon! We are eager to contribute our expertise and creativity to the pickleball community by introducing a line of paddles that not only meet the high standards of performance but also embody the elegance and luxury that players deserve. Pastel paddles bring a colorful confidence to the court that we all deserve. Express yourself and hit some winners! We are thrilled to embark on this journey, driven by our love for the game and a deep desire to enhance the pickleball experience for players of all levels.





Price : 69.99$

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Our Paddles

When you step onto the court with our paddles in hand, you'll experience a sense of confidence and comfort like never before. Our bright pastels will shine on the court, and who doesn't love a paddle that you can match an outfit with! The soft response of the twilled carbon along with the cushion grip that molds seamlessly to your hand provides a secure and comfortable grip that boosts your confidence with every swing. With the perfect balance of power and control, our paddles empower you to unleash your skills and look and feel at your absolute best!

Our paddles are crafted using high-quality twilled carbon fiber, a material renowned for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties. The surface provides a feel that allows for precise shots and excellent ball control, giving players confidence and commit to the shot. 

The design of our paddles is a true work of art, crafted by an experienced artist with a keen eye for detail. Our trademarked logo shines on the "front" of the paddle while the racing stripes on the "back" are boasting our ultrighlight (8oz) feel and 2401 series model #. Our brand name and logo beautifully displayed on the bottom stripe.With Volo Sports, you not only possess a high-performance paddle but also a masterpiece that showcases your personal style and love for the game. 

At the heart of our paddles lies a honeycomb core, carefully engineered to optimize power and control. The honeycomb design provides an ideal balance between stiffness and flexibility, resulting in a paddle that generates impressive power while maintaining a responsive touch. 


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